Products and Services

New, used and refurbished wind turbines

Used and refurbished Turbines
New Turbines

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New, used and refurbished components for wind turbines

Fastening technology
Operating materials and lubricants

Fire protection
Electrical engineering
Energy storage
Transmissions and bearings
Height access technology
Cooling and air conditioning
Surface treatment
Radar systems
Rotor blades
Slip rings
Control systems
Tools and machines


Turnkey Solutions

Services include product selection, logistics, upgrades, transport, assembly and disassembly

Identifying and selecting the right product to match the application, finding suitable insurance products and construction and logistics operators is a very complex process. Matching a fast changing market, individual requirements and financial objectives is a service we offer. Given the complexity, there are no “off the shelf” and hence no fixed price solutions. Depending on the detail required, we provide reports on suitable solutions, from a simple selection of available products / services to detailed technical documentation with founded recommendations.

Given the complexity and number of people involved to get accurate and up to date information there is a nominal fee for this service. Any fees are credited when the project is proceeding.


Energy Audits

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NABERS Ratings

Building Energy Efficiency Certificates (BEEC)