Making Renewable Energy Technologies a convincing business case.

REETA stands for REnewable Energy Technologies Australia.

Based in Melbourne, we are serving the Pacific market, focusing on renewable energy technologies which are a smart investment:

  • high ROI
  • ease of operation and management
  • low investment and finance cost

Locally, we are a team of engineers who have a combined experience of 70+ years in energy efficiency, automation and automotive industries. Experience is across various disciplines from R&D, technical sales and management, across Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia.

Globally, we are bringing together a team spanning engineering, logistics and marketing.

The ‘Energie Wende’, the move to renewable energy sources is making rapid progress in Europe. ‘Energie Wende’ is a German expression, difficult to translate: literally ‘Energy Turnaround’ but ‘Energy Revolution’ would be more to the point, or to put it more mildly: ‘Energy Transition’. Whatever expression is preferred: Bringing sustainable energy concepts which are sound in every technical and economic aspect is REETA’s contribution to an ‘Energie Wende’ in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Driven by repowering initiatives in Germany and other European countries we have a proven business model: Working with the pioneers of relocating wind-turbines worldwide, we are providing fantastic opportunities to achieve excellent ROI’s at minimal risk. View our image gallery to see assembling and shipment of turbines.

In other words: It is our business to make renewable energy a convincing business case. We are adding to your triple bottom line: Financial, Social and Environmental.


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REETA is a proud partner of the international Wind Turbine Consulting Group


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